Memlabs: Lab – 2 to 6 Writeups

Hello all, I have changed my blog to github pages and I will be publishing my posts in it. You can find it here: Memlabs lab 2 to 6 write ups are also added to that. To make it easy attaching the link here: Thank You 🙂

HackTM Quals 20 – Find my Pass Challenge Write up

Description: I managed to forget my password for my KeePass Database but luckily I had it still open and managed to get a dump of the system's memory. Can you please help me recover my password? Challenge file: Mega Drive or Google Drive Password: eD99mLkU Hint: I am not very good with computers, I use [...]

MemLabs: Lab – 1 Write up

MemLabs is an educational, introductory set of CTF-styled challenges which is aimed to encourage students, security researchers and also CTF players to get started with the field of Memory Forensics. The labs given by @_abhiramkumar are really useful for the beginners to start with Memory Forensics. The memory files and Descriptions are available in the github [...]